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Top Thoughts About the Balloon Boy

October 17, 2009

* How long before we have a new song: Where Were You When The World Stopped Spinning And Started Watching What Looked Like A Tin Foil Chef’s Hat Floating Through the Air? * By the way, how big is Colorado? Shouldn’t that thing have been in Mexico after three hours of floating? * Thank you, […]

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Best Things About Obama Getting the Nobel Peace Prize

October 12, 2009

1. It didn’t go to Roman Polanski. 2. This can’t be good for Rush Limbaugh’s health. 3. Or Dick Cheney’s. 4. Hillary gets to say things like “It’s better to be thrown accolades than shoes.” 5. The Barack Obama action figure is the first one ever to come with Nobel accessories included. 6. Surely Michelle’s […]

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If My Twitter Updates Were Protected

July 2, 2009

So one of life’s mysteries to me is when someone on Twitter follows you and you go to check them out and follow them back and it says that their updates are protected and that you have to seek the person’s permission to follow them. Ok. So, how does that work exactly? “OMG, your Twitter […]

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If You See Me At BlogHer

June 18, 2009

So I’m going to BlogHer in July, are you? If you are a non-blogger, BlogHer is like a blogging convention is where bloggers (people who like to express themselves via the written word and avoid all unnecessary human interaction) get together to meet and greet face to face. Personally, I plan to participate via Twitter. […]

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