Favorite Body Part

by Marinka on June 20, 2009

What is Your Favorite Nicki body part?

Marinka: Her front paws. They are furry and cute.

Daughter: Her tail. It is long an cute.

Young Landrinka: Head. I mean, face. It is cute!

Husbandrinka: I am an adult. I don’t have a favorite Nicki body part.

I was sure Husbandrinka was going to say ears. I think it’s nice that after 13 years of marriage he can still surprise me.

Correction: We’ve only been married for 11 years. Feels like 13.

Today is Spartanburg’s first ever Pride march. I am so excited about it, not only because Pride is so important, but because my wonderful friend P.K. is one of the organizers. I know how hard she’s worked over the months and that makes me love her all the more. There are a lot of protesters expected and I hope that they do not detract from the very important message. Here’s hoping that the march is a huge success and that everyone is safe. And so proud.

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