Good News!

by Marinka on December 29, 2010

You know how whenever someone says “good news!” it’s always pretty much the opposite of good news, plus you have to deal with the fact that the person springing this shit on you apparently thinks you’re a moron who will be so distracted by the “good news” announcement that you won’t notice the pile they’re dumping on you?

Well, my good news is that I’m going back to NYC tomorrow, but unfortunately I got used to being snowed in here, in North Carolina, having all my meals prepared for me and having Glenn Beck’s wisdom shared.

So I’ll have to readjust to the real world. And Mama is helping me because when I talked to her yesterday afternoon, she said, “you left car at Newark? If it’s outside, it is snowed in. Bring shovel.”


But in other news, I’m guest posting at my friend Vodkamom‘s today. Go read me there. Even though she wouldn’t let me curse. Fuck.

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