What a Week

by Marinka on July 3, 2009

Normally I wouldn’t post so soon after my last post, but I am leaving for the weekend to an internet-unfriendly place, and Blogger has been unfriendly about posting my scheduled posts. I assume it’s because Blogger is in deep mourning about Michael Jackson and Farrah, but who knows, could be latent anti-semitism.

So here I am.

This week has been amazing. Two of my bloggy friends had babies and I actually teared up reading about it. Check out their beautiful babies here and here. Congratulations! And thank you for letting me part of the journey/a beloved aunt.

Three posts made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Sometimes a post just hits the spot and they did for me. Last but not least, see who The Mouthy Housewives awarded our Seal of Approval to this week. It’s a must-read.

On the sentimental front, this reminded me of my own father and this was one of the sweetest things I’d read in a while.

So have a great weekend!

I’ll be back next week with The Story of My Header, How Michael Jackson’s Death is Tearing My Family Apart, Remedial Blog School and more! Vicki suggested that I blog about placenta eating, but I as I keep telling people, this isn’t a food blog. Maybe Southern Fairy Tale can take this on?

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